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Identity & Access Governance

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Identity & Access Governance for your customers

IPG Group is consultant and integrator for customer IAM (CIAM).Digital services and online interactions create added value for companies and customers alike. However, this requires the identification of the customers and a user-friendly registration and login.Customers wish to keep control over their data and expect compliance with the GDPR.

Why is a customer IAM necessary?

Companies reach their customers via digital channels such as online shops, service portals or knowledge and collaboration platforms. This digital interaction facilitates matters for the customer and creates added financial value for the company.

An identity management system for customers is part of the digital user experience. A customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) is always targeted to the channels and systems of the company and its business model. The advantage is that potential clients and customers can be identified allowing the services to be aligned with the identity. At the same time, the interaction with identifiable customers can be increased and facilitated.

This creates added value for companies: 

  • It helps to get to know your customers and their needs (Know Your Customer and customer feedback can be used to improve products)
  • It creates proximity to the customer (digital, personalised services for direct interaction with the customer)
  • It increases sales (more customers buy directly from the company)
  • It is cost-saving (by having customers take over process activities; e.g. customers configure their services, record the data and conclude a contract online)

For customers, the following added value is created:

  • Easy registration and re-use of login for several services
  • Experience a personalised customer journey
  • Control over their data - in compliance with the GDPR
  • Management of consent to user contracts and privacy regulations - consent management

Such potential can only be used if a customer IAM is in place. However, as everyone knows: we register on countless websites and receive credentials. Registration and authentication may discourage potential customers. Therefore, user-friendly and smooth workflows for authentication and registration are crucial. With Social Registration, Social Login to public Identity Providers (IdP), Federated Single Sign-On, Password-less Login and Continuous Profiling, these processes become quite easy.

The CIAM system can be connected to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and exchange information. Thanks to the system, the company can fulfil all requirements regarding auditability, traceability and compliance. The security of the digital services is increased.

The right manufacturer for each project

Together with our technology partners, we provide premium products and solutions to optimally meet your requirements. The introduction takes place gradually in manageable project steps which do not overwhelm the organisation or the users.

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