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IAM Operation Services

Our managed services guarantee a smooth operation of your new or existing IAM applications.
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IAM Operation Services

Professional IAM Operation Services tailored to your needs.

With our services for a partial or full operation of your IAM applications, we provide highest quality at transparent costs. Thanks to clearly defined SLAs and standardised processes as well as access to extensive expert knowledge, you ensure the stable operation of your Identity, Governance and Access Management solution.

Overview of Operation Services:

  • Transpartent Costs
  • Defined Services
  • Standardised Oeration Processes
  • 24/7 Defined Services
  • Standardized operating processes
Application Operation

In line with the operational organisation and sourcing strategy of your company, IPG supports you from the first transfer of operations or takes over existing IAM applications for partial or full operation in the course of a realignment.

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IAM operation not only includes the smooth operation of the IAM applications.Content must also be managed, e.g. business roles must be organised or SoD campaigns must be carried out. As part of our operational services, we also take on specialist topics for our customers.



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